Passion Fruit

September 15, 2014

Mmmmm.......passion fruit!  Have you ever tried it?  And have you seen this fruit's flower!  It's actually my favorite flower.  If you've ever had a drink with the ingredient passion juice in it, then you actually have tried this fruit before.

Passion Fruit

As of September, passion fruits are in season and falling all over the city so keep your eyes peeled!  From the outside they are hard and about the size of a plum.  On the inside they resemble an egg yolk alien with seeds.  Do not be afraid to slurp it up.  It's sweet and tangy. 

What do I like to do with it?  Make juice!  In the photo above I made an orange/grapefruit/passion fruit juice and let me tell you, it is truly incomparable in taste!  Be on the lookout in your neighborhood for this vine or better yet, go to your local nursery and pick up a plant of your own!  I like to purchase my plants from Exotica Rare Fruit Nursery in Vista.  They have us covered with all the strange fruits from around the world!


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